SPEAKERS > Matt Nieto

Sun Belt Conference
Director of Creative Video

Matt Nieto joins the Sun Belt staff after a four-year stint (2016-20) as a production team member, TV producer, and technician for New Mexico State’s AggieVision. During his tenure with AggieVision, Nieto worked on more than 90 broadcasts and upwards of 20 video projects that highlighted New Mexico State’s 15 athletic programs. He developed motion graphics and video marketing pieces for TV broadcasts, in addition to scripting, editing, and voicing several university PSAs that showcased the NMSU departments.

In his role with the Sun Belt, Nieto is responsible for creating, producing, and editing original video content posted on the conference’s social media channels, website, in-venue assets, commercial inventory, and other media distribution platforms. In addition to video content, he also assists in live production surrounding studio shows and Sun Belt Conference Championships.

Featured in: Thursday, June 24 Agenda