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Atlanta Braves
Technical Director and Editor

Terrance Beavers currently serves as the technical director and editor at the Atlanta Braves, after joining in February, 2021.

Prior to the Braves, Beavers worked at the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta, GA. He served in a variety of roles, including the senior manager of content and production from September 2020 – 2021. In this role, Beavers supervised relationships with external vendors and production companies; worked side by side with a project manager to coordinate and manage deliverables; kept up to date with the most cutting-edge techniques and technologies/equipment; ensured all content was consistent with brand strategy; and pushed the boundaries of creativity and storytelling across all business platforms. As the manager of content and production from August 2013 – 2020, Beavers was responsible for obtaining new content, managing rights, and integrating that content into both new and existing interactive in the museum. He oversaw the daily operation of the 95,000 square foot attraction and guest experience in the building; coordinated with Cortina, Stark, Obscura, CSE, BBI, and O&I for maintenance and upkeep; was responsible for all facility IT infrastructure; coordinated with broadcast networks for live production from the building; worked with a curator/historian to provide interactive elements to exhibits; and worked closely with marketing on the creation of all non-digital signage and graphic elements.

Beavers’ other experience includes time at IMG Georgia Sports Properties, where he served as the video production manager from July 2009 – August 2013. He was responsible for live streaming events, coordinating the usage of and managing the maintenance of video equipment, and supervising producers/production assistants for Georgia Football and Men’s Basketball television shows.

Beavers also served as a television production manager for the Georgia Tech Athletic Association from August 2005 – July 2009. He was the producer for Georgia Tech Football and Men’s Basketball shows, producing content for Ramblinwreck.com. Prior to that, Beavers was the television production manager for ISP Sports from June 1999 – August 2005, serving as the producer for three television shows.

Beavers graduated from Clark Atlanta University in 1999 with a Bachelor of Arts in mass media, art, radio, TV, and film.