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MV SportsCom

Vince Vaccher serves as president/CEO of J.V. Electronics and has worked in the audio distribution industry for over 35 years.  It was in 2006 that Vaccher and his colleague, Eric Schwab, started what has developed into MV SportsCom, a division of J.V. Electronics. MV SportsCom provides integrated wireless intercom solutions to the Division 1 Football Market, for Coach-to-Coach communications on game day. It also provides practice headset solutions and has designed large portable sound carts with wireless capabilities for its D1 clients.

Vaccher’s extensive knowledge and relationships gained over the past 17 years, have allowed him and his team to work with top teams and frequency coordinators in many college and professional stadiums throughout the U.S. on gameday. He and his team have consulted and trained university staff, non-government agencies, and military personnel, as well as international stadiums who have hosted Division 1 football games. MV SportsCom is proud to say that it has served dozens of Division 1 teams over the years, including the 2015 CFP National Champion Ohio State Buckeyes and the back to back 2022 and 2023 CFP National Champion University of Georgia Bulldogs.